Monday, September 04, 2006

Ho Hummm… I’m bored of this topic now.

UAE Community:

It seems… none of the comments I’ve made on the UAE community blog (I’ve tried twice since they started their moderation) are getting approved, though other comments are being approved, which means mine weren’t just missed. I don’t believe I’ve attempted to say anything that could possibly result in the blog being blocked in those comments and in fact, in the first comment, I believe I agreed with the author of the post about the Human Rights Dept. in Dubai Police.

Rather than repeat myself about what I think of the administration of that blog and the general summery of the types of posts that frequent that place, I thought I’d just link my takes from the past outlining the same:

Why Bloggers Don’t Rule the World

Question for my Blog Readers

Stop Barking little Bitch & Bite!

THE UAE COMMUNITY BLOG: A better example of the public than the Real Thing! Move over Ruling Family SD’s Coming!

Right. I’ve asked not to be a member of that blog. And I’ve requested to be removed from their blogroll. Does this mean I have no right to comment on anything that’s posted there by any of the many authors who do contribute? Or is my belief that I’m being singled out by one (or some) (because as has been mentioned in the past I have no idea how many people actually consist of their administration and I have no idea who is in control of comment moderation) of the administration, as a personal bias seem paranoid and completely irrational in my thinking? Or could I be spot-on?

In that blog, Freedom of Speech only exists if you agree with or are in favor of the admin, as far as I can see. The fact that my comments, regardless of nature have not been posted just goes to confirm my earlier beliefs. I’m not opening a debate for those of you wishing to take this to that. Once again, I’m clarifying why I have so many issues with the community blog and the administration as they've once again proven themselves a poor example of all the things they rave for. And as of now, this entry will replace the link at the top of my page for the UAE community.

Hopefully, sooner than later a real representation of the UAE and it's society will be created with a decent admin, in the Blogging world and will replace the shoddy one that currently dominates UAE bloggers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TF: To begin with, what gives?

1. I don't know what to say to this except that I don't post my comments on any blog that needs an approval from the blog owner/admin, whatever.

2. I tried once with Petite Anglaise (you know this Brit chick that got laid off in France for surfing way too much during working hours) and ever since then I said to myself, it's not worth it.

3. Why should I care when I got my own set of favorite blogs I enjoy reading (yours included).

However, I understand your argument raised in this post.

Cheers :-)

2:50 PM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Prometheus said...

Yo Taint, dontcha worry yer pretty l'il head commenting to "Da Aggregator". Ya cin always trash my blog.

PS: I empathise wid dem aggregator, ya don't wanna see the anon comments I get..

3:46 PM, September 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you decide to stay away from a blog, just stay away. You truly taint a community so I am not surprised if they are not approving your comments. I was beginning to worry about you since you have not attacked anyone yet. But it's alright now. You're back to business.

7:18 PM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Tainted Female said...


It’s an ongoing issue or collection I of issues I have with the UAE community blog & specifically their admin, that’s what gives. You don’t have to care, but I do… Thus the reason I’ve written about it. ;)


’ I empathise wid dem aggregator, ya don't wanna see the anon comments I get..’

Oh I empathize with a need or want to block specific anonymous trolls from spitting whatever comes to their minds. The comment below yours is a perfect example of one that would do great for, and I’ve personally had far worse as well. But the comments I made there weren’t done anon, they were done through my account, thus with my handle and they weren’t insulting to the author of a specific post or the Community blog itself.


’ When you decide to stay away from a blog, just stay away.’

You clearly dislike me, as I dislike the way the Community blog is administered. According to the way you process ‘dislike’, doesn’t that mean you should have decided to stay away from my blog, since somewhere you read that I decided to stay away from the Community one, because I dislike it?

No no honey. I have decided to stay away from two blogs. And I do just that. The UAE community isn’t one of them. It’s a little difficult for me to blame all the members of that blog for the actions of the community admin.

’ You truly taint a community so I am not surprised if they are not approving your comments.

Now if only I had comment moderation enabled, I could process my ‘dislike’ for you, and your insults, the same as the community blog administration has done to me. Pity, I kind of think that’d be an immature and pointless thing to do, since erasing or not publishing your opinion doesn’t mean you won’t think or feel that way. And I don’t even believe in ‘Freedom of Speech’ as the community blog admin, claims to.

I was beginning to worry about you since you have not attacked anyone yet. But it's alright now. You're back to business.’

You’re so sweet, worrying about me! Maybe it’s time you should worry about why you care so much for people you clearly can’t stand and find a more productive way to spend your time than insulting those very people who don’t know you to give a damn what you think of them.

8:51 PM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger babe_uae said...

Tainted, I apologise in advance for the following comment and please feel free to delete it if you wish.


WTF !!! it seems that you have a real issue with tainted, if your dislike for her is that strong then why are you here reading the blog and why are you commenting, either you lead a sad life or you just cannot control your emotions.

You obvioussly dont know tainted as a person otherwise you would have not made these comments and as for her attacking people this is a persons right but that person must have the freedom of expression to defend and respond.

May i suggest that you worry about yourself rather than Tainted as I am sure that she does not need a person like you worrying about her.

11:33 PM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger bklyn_in_dubai said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:54 AM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger Tainted Female said...


Nope. I won’t delete it, since I have no guarantee that this anon isn’t the same anonymous that attacked you previously for no reason. At the same time, I know you well enough to know that you can defend yourself just fine and I won’t be deleting any comments our issam/anon decides to make in response either.


I’m guessing you found the answer to your question in one of the links I provided, thus the reason you deleted it? I’m not sure I can tie your last comment to anything here, but umm… so long as it gave you a reason to smile… it’s all good.

10:58 AM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger purchasewoods said...

Hi Chickie: I'm back and working on catching up. Hopefully I won't get censured. lol! Not that one could ever accuse me of writing anything worth censuring.

Big hug! Lin

3:45 PM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger Tainted Female said...

Lin!! I hope that means you're also writing in your own blog now!

I can't wait to catch up with all that's happened since you've been away.

5:52 PM, September 05, 2006  
Blogger purchasewoods said...

Why doesn't KFC serve cornbread here in OZ? Drives me nuts. lol! Photos soon and card copy as well. T says to say hi!

Love ya

5:24 PM, September 07, 2006  
Blogger i*maginate said...

LOL. It's taken me a while to find out what you were talking about since I'm now no longer a "new" blogger and unfortunately for some "free-speech-admins" it seems they've only just shown their true colours. Seems you say one thing that they don't like and some people agree, they start swearing and throwing insults etc, which is hardly what an admin on a UAE blog should do! I only wish there were some more "fair, decent and responsible" admins on a blog administered by worthier admins.

10:10 PM, July 06, 2007  

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