Monday, October 23, 2006

The Post without Commas - Sex and Dubai

Since I cant figure the font thing out, Ill have to let it figure me out. Im training myself to type without commas or exclamation marks; at least for the time being. And Im doing it for your sake, so you can read. So thank me, rather than bitch about it. What a disgrace this will be to the English language, especially in coalition with my stunning spelling abilities that are already in action.

Back to reading the papers and listening to the whining Brit mom who calls racism because some club wont allow them to bring their maid in with them, the traffic woes, and all the insightful commentators on recent reported events. Women here are finally figuring out theyre in a sex depraved country and as a general rule here men dont take their simple smile as any less than an invitation to fuck. Bravo, Ladies. Good on you for realizing youre in the UAE. Good thing redundancy only pisses me off enough to get me ranting. How nauseous would I be, otherwise?

What I actually wanted to say is that the other day I came across a blog that Id seen for the first time, only. I highly suggest you all take a look (if you havent already) at Sex and Dubai. I highly doubt youll find redundancy in this blog. And if you don’t leave there laughing, either youre a prude, or seriously… there is something wrong with you.

I read one entry and was almost falling off my goddamn chair. These chicks are hilarious. It takes talent to take a realistic, trashy topic and spell it out with comedic ease.

Sex and Dubai, you have my admiration.


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