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Deleted from Secret Dubai Diary

~*~ because helping fill that attention whores need to be admired by the masses of mindless here, and growth of views on a one-sided hate blog isn’t something I need to contribute to. You all can rant all you fucking want about this in her blog. I won’t be there, because I see through her shit and refuse to feed it.

Her pretty much plagiarized** whatever that instigated a link to a newspaper article about someone I know, love and care about, naturally instigating a number of lovely little assumptions by idiots with no knowledge about what he would and would not consider acceptable did have my comment as follows:

**And she MUST use stories from the papers; because when she doesn’t, all that’s in her fucking head is the trees and how they’ve been pruned. And just browsing over the comments on those entries proves; she doesn’t fucking have it in herself to be all she wants you to believe she is.


Deleted Comment:

Point to prove...

Newspapers in this country are ONLY ever printing SHIT. And the fact that you all sit here and comment on this as if ANY of these stories are accurate is a waste of fucking time.

1) Hamada here is my brother in law. Don't believe me? Ask Sam; I was telling him about it this morning before I came in here – in reference to another conversation we were having.

2) That is NOT a photo of him. And Hamad is NOT is birth name. This is a distorted version of HIS story though. I went with him to the courts. And all the laws & regulations that have been stated here are BULLSHIT. He is the first here. He refused to do an interview with Khaleej Times when they called him up.

3) None of you have any right to comment on or suggest that you know what's ok to say about this situation or what's not, simply because you know NOTHING about it. And for the record Sharper, deformity is the way he fucking describes it himself.

4) He was a VERY respected person here before he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 19 years old, found out he had ovaries through X-rays. And regardless of what you’re reading here, nothing has been done about it until now by the courts or anyone. The guy currently lives in his fucking room, is a pile in debt and is the most depressed person I’ve ever met.

Start printing REAL stories about your own lives and commenting on the same. Stop wasting so much time on the 80% fiction based remotely on truth, you find in the fucking papers here.

And don’t any of you give me shit for calling Hamada (A name he chose himself, not a fucking childhood pen-name as the paper printed) a he, I still refer to him as the MALE name I first met him as, due to habit.

And SD responds with:

I thought it was an interesting article that fairly shows the dilemmas faced by transgender people in the UAE, and in no way shows "Hamada" in a negative light.

I imagine other transgendered people would find it useful and reassuring to know that they are not alone.


Finally, I have to say:

My problem isn’t with the fucking article. In the UAE you have to be an idiot to believe what’s printed in any of the papers. My fucking problem is with the fact that you will stop at NOTHING, not even spreading falsities; even after proven false to expand on the already bad enough image of the UAE, the national people, and even make a fucking mockery of those who may otherwise be rational people; excepting you giving them a fucking stone to throw, all the while making them believe you’re just an innocent well-wisher for the UAE & who live here.

My problem is with the fact that you’re a fucking hypocrite without the fucking back to state your real fucking feelings for this place; but rather make others do it for you. I have more fucking respect for Cokey. At least he’s got balls, and doesn't mind throwing his own back into what he believes.

Is it fair that you’re allowing another potentially explosive, almost certain to turn insult-slinging conversation to take place in your blog? Is it fair, the subject matter’s family will have to see it? Is it fucking fair? But let’s call for fairness in the UAE laws, everyone!

Please note, I did ask someone she does like, that she removes the sensitive comments, before I posted this at all. She refused. Being the attention whore that she clearly is; why the FUCK should she care about hurting someone on a personal level, by allowing a discussion that she has NO fucking relation to what-so-ever, take place in her blog?

The bitch has all the answers to save the whole FUCKING UAE from all its catastrophes & inhumane practices; why should she give a shit about sparing the decency of one person? Especially at the cost of possibly losing a little face in front of a few fans, or having a few lingering questions about some unexplained deletions.

Because that’s ALL she’s really about you fools! She doesn’t give a shit about any of you, or any of the fucking practices, she’s just a fucking expert at reverse-social-psychology; got you all bitching and complaining to her advantage; about all the shit she’d like to comment on but doesn’t have the spine to do it herself! She’s making her self fucking famous and all you fans are doing all the work, taking all the back-firing, all the shit for it. Just the other fucking day, one of you said you were famous by association to her in her blog; how you failed to realize her fame is at your expense ceases to amaze me! Her pretty little hands stay clean as a whistle because she’s SO fucking convincing when it comes to playing the innocent one.

Bitch can delete Balushi’s absurd comments; but can’t delete something that she knows actually HURTS another reader, for their sake. Humane Hypocrite.

While I’m doing that, why don’t you all take a look at how fucking civilized she is in this thread; and how in her own words she says:

“The deletions I have made include plenty of race-hate comments against arabs and even anti-islamic comments made by anonymous people.

Does that also upset you, or would you rather I left such things up?”

Funny, bitch can remove these comments because they might upset readers. But not the ones about my son’s uncle, when she’s been told they DO upset me and will most certainly upset Hamada should he ever come across this.

For the record, if any of you want to know the actual TRUTH about his situation; I’d be more than happy to share; and Hamada wouldn’t mind me telling it. But I’m not doing it in place where as much bullshit-marked-truth fills the thread as reality; as in her blog.

Yeah, and when a little of my anger wears off… I’ll probably have a hell of a lot more to say and in a more coherent fashion. So tear into me SD fan club, I fucking dare you.

I have a whole fucking weekend away to think about this shit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Tainted Female! At the bottom of it all, SD really is NOTHING. It's the mindless idiots who are really low-life in their own thinking, who give her face. Without them, the world would be a better place. Without HER, the world would breathe again.

It's amazing how some anonymous figure sits behind a screen and writes suggestions and criticizes everything here, as though she really knows. Why the fuck do we have people running governments? Oh wait, she's high above them all, is she?

Newspapers here are real joke and being married to someone in the media, I KNOW IT. Everybody loves to sit and laugh about Hamada or just whoever. I don't think that SD really made anyone 'aware' of the problems they go through. Instead, in her copy-paste blog, she just gave fodder to the low-life humans to sit and share a laugh.

I'm sure the real story is much more heart-wrenching and I appreciate you for bringing this forward. SD is an illusion and hype and her opinions means nothing.

Bitch can delete Balushi’s absurd comments; but can’t delete something that she knows actually HURTS another reader, for their sake. Humane Hypocrite.

I noticed Balushi a few times but now in the whole picture, he seems a lot more sane than people who accuse him of being insane.

6:24 PM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger TwinTopaz said...

Whoaa..what happened..can some body fil me in..


6:36 PM, April 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never been able to view any of the links SD provides that start with the url: ""...So I never know what all the hubub is about. I can read gulfnews, but not any of the archived stuff.

As I tried to point out on SD's blog several times: All major media news is heavily censored (regardless of the nation). Be it through the fear of government intervention in one's affairs or be it through the fear of losing your audience (or your advertisers). It all balances out the same...meaning, you never really have an accurate picture of the world.

The best journalism I see is the kind that simply makes me think really hard about the situation. Not the kind that supposedly tells me the facts (why should I believe them anywhay?).

8:13 PM, April 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tainted...good for you standing up for Hamada and others in his situations...
SD would not care..she is just to busy feeding her own self esteem to worry about others...
And Anon "Without HER, the world would breathe again." is giving her way too much credit that she deserves...

8:27 PM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger MD said...

oh, oh, oh...another blog war :D hannibal, where art thou? let me get some butter popcorn this time :P

11:18 PM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger hannibal said...

holy s!@#$!!!

yes md, i'll join ya. are you in the posh gallery/balcony seats? :)

got me popcorn and coke too...


12:50 PM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger MD said...

*md waves*

that's me...comeeee :)

9:02 PM, April 06, 2006  

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