Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Senseless Death to add to the Stastics

There are countless stories, in UAE publications, concerning truck drivers renting ‘good’ tires for the sake of passing registration tests, then changing back to their old, worn tires after the vehicle has been approved for road use.

The boy just called, “Baby, I just got some horrible news.” He took a deep breath, “A colleague of mine who lives in RAK was driving home from work when he got tired, and decided to pull over to the side of the road and sleep for a while. I guess he thought it was safer for him than to keep driving when he was so sleepy. Anyway, a truck smashed into him because its tire exploded. He didn’t wake up.”

“God baby, I’m so sorry.” What else could you say?

Why the hell is this STILL happening, even with all the damn warnings as linked above? Why don’t they do anything about any of this? This is obviously not enough; 250 drivers? Yeah, there’s not a day that passes while I’m on those roads where some dipshit truck driver isn’t in the fast lane.

It’s bad enough all us in regular cars & 4x4’s can’t follow the rules. Why bother with the ten-thousand-ton-trucks-that-help-build-this-city?


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