Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The third…

I sent a message to the boy. He replied, “I’m in a small accident. I’ll call you soon.”

I’m sure no one is hurt, or he’d not have called it small. But that’s the third. Should I be confirming that superstition?

***Edited to add…

So he called just now. A truck smashed into him while he was stopped. I asked about the second accident, it was a truck/car accident too.

3 deceased.

3 accidents.

3 that involved those big trucks.

The boy says he wanted to let the guy go because there was no damage and his family was in the car, but the driver refused to accept blame, even before the police arrived. The driver just got his license and didn’t want to admit that he was at fault, and thus the police made them all go to the police station. I was wondering how it was possible for him to deny it, assuming the damage was on the back bumper the way it sounded, so asked “Which part of your car did he hit?”

The boy laughed, “Not my car baby. Your car. The right side.”

I can’t help but laugh. There’s no damage at all, really. But every person who has driven my car recently has had an accident. I thought it was wearing thin before all of this.

Anyway, maybe my mama’s right?


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