Monday, August 20, 2007

You have…

Never vented a frustration; never spoken your mind without fear of repercussions. You have never felt love and hate simultaneously. You’ve never been wrong, not once in your life. You’ve never made a mistake. You’ve never had to apologize, because you’ve never hurt another person.

You need not see beyond the obvious. Your thoughts are always logically, perfectly sensible. Never have you changed your mind about how you feel, what you think, or who you judge. You don’t even stutter.

Perfection. Utter perfection. And thus, you have the only right there is to judge others based on their obvious faults.

You cannot forgive, because a person of such perfection can only ever accept perfection from those they know – and not a soul on this planet can compare to your supremacy.

I’m so glad I’m not you.


More things I’ve done since leaving UAE:

~*Rolled down a big grass hill, just for the hell of it.
~*Played on swings, in the rain.
~*Visited my very first elementary school, where the entire jungle gym looks much smaller, far shorter than I remember it.
~*Tipped rocks on the beach, searching for crabs.
~*Handed a homeless man a cigarette.
~*Broke a shoe, then threw the pair out in a public trash can. Then went on a ferry-ride, and walked the rest of the day barefoot along the boardwalk. Got a few little cuts on my feet, but it was worth it!
~*Worn runners & socks!

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Blogger i*maginate said...

Where you been biyatch? Frozen up under? We down south been missing ya.

6:14 AM, January 19, 2008  

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