Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Herlock Sholmes ???

What the hell happened to your blog? It is now fincheswings, some spam crap. I thought I screwed it all up in my template, but all looks right to me – except, you’re no longer there!

Crave Me & Hush

There’s something there isn’t there?

You are disgusted by every word I type, confused by every thought I share, taunted by every essence of me that crosses your mind. Despise is not a strong enough word to describe what you feel for me.

You fucking hypocrite.

You don’t have to say it. I know, though your sugar coated words and versed lines. You can’t even comprehend the words I say, before you start assuming what I mean. My thoughts don’t register in your mind no matter how clearly I display them, because your eyes only allow you to see what you’ve conditioned them too see. I prefer to be free of conditioned thoughts. I will not be apologetic for that.

And there’s something about my evil that makes you feel good inside. Something about my destitute nature that makes you feel just a little bit better about yourself. There’s something that gives you a high. And you won’t be apologetic for that.

So crave me & hush… But don’t kid yourself. Your desire to be here says more to me than you’ll ever know.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Personal Lubricants

Once upon a time Dubai was a sex-free city. At least that’s what the supermarkets, drugstores & petrol stations would have had you believe. I remember people whispering over the counter to the pharmacist in the pharmacy for a tube of KY – as if they were ashamed to be purchasing it. Over the past few years though, things have changed. One of the most notable of all is the availability of condoms, delay sprays and personal lubricants available right off the shelf in most public shopping places. Unfortunately, we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to sex paraphernalia. Customs will still stop you for attempting to bring handcuffs or vibrators through the airport. But I’m not going on about that. I’m gonna talk about and evaluate personal lube for you.

Available in Dubai:

Durex Play

Probably the most common lube found in every supermarket in the United Arab Emirates, Durex Play comes in two types, Heat & Regular. Seems to me like Durex has replaced KY, as it’s about the only lube I’ve seen here in years (unless you count the next one I’ll share with you).

Image Hosted by

Scent: Unscented

Taste: Like sugar-coated-shit, literally

Texture: Sticky, honey-like, and disgusting. MUST shower immediately after use.

Comments: The heat one induces a sensational tingle, but the truth be told, the taste combined with the feeling that you’re covered in sticky molasses means this lube is a bigger turn off than turn on.

NITRO Canada

This ‘Love Gel Foam’ was found in some remote market in the middle of Ajman. I assure you, it has yet to hit the shelves in Canada.

Image Hosted by

Scent: Like Indian curry. I’m not joking.

Taste: Like Indian curry with ginseng.

Texture: A combination of the water and the backside of duct-tape.

Comments: I recommend this product is used for anything but a personal lubricant. It is worth purchasing for the literature found on the back though. My favorite lines for your entertainment, “A Wondrous Love Gel Foam This gel foam is a highly potent sexual excitant for ladies. The culmination of years research and the experience of experts in herbal extract. It regulate the function of the vagina system. After use. The vagina becomes nicely moisturized and lubricated right away.” Even the sales pitch (what I can make of it) has me questioning whether this ‘lube’ is for the woman or the man!?

Available Abroad:

KY Sensual Mist

Available in any supermarket or drug store in Canada.

Image Hosted by

Scent: Unscented

Taste: Tasteless

Texture: Smooth, just like regular KY. Gets a little sticky when drying, but nothing too torturous.

Comments: Great for when there’s simply no time to waste fucking around.

KY Touch Massage: Fireside

Available in any supermarket or drug store in Canada.

Image Hosted by

Scent: Floral & Spicy, 100% fantastic.

Taste: Tasteless

Texture: Silky and sensual. A massage oil, plus personal lube (so long as you’re not using latex condoms), this is a brilliant product, with no sticky after-feel.

Comments: My favorite; even though this is supposed to warm against the breath and it doesn’t necessarily do that. I will have someone bring more in once my bottle finishes. Either that or I’ll petition some company to import it.

KY Touch Massage: Warming Personal Lube

Available in any supermarket or drug store in Canada.

Image Hosted by

Scent: Unscented

Taste: Tasteless

Texture: Similar to regular KY, far less sticky than Durex Play.

Comments: Warms as promised. For those sensitive to smell or using Latex condoms, this is a must have; another one worth petitioning.

Last time you left the UAE… What unavailables did YOU bring back with you? And what did you forget to bring?

The Post without Commas - Sex and Dubai

Since I cant figure the font thing out, Ill have to let it figure me out. Im training myself to type without commas or exclamation marks; at least for the time being. And Im doing it for your sake, so you can read. So thank me, rather than bitch about it. What a disgrace this will be to the English language, especially in coalition with my stunning spelling abilities that are already in action.

Back to reading the papers and listening to the whining Brit mom who calls racism because some club wont allow them to bring their maid in with them, the traffic woes, and all the insightful commentators on recent reported events. Women here are finally figuring out theyre in a sex depraved country and as a general rule here men dont take their simple smile as any less than an invitation to fuck. Bravo, Ladies. Good on you for realizing youre in the UAE. Good thing redundancy only pisses me off enough to get me ranting. How nauseous would I be, otherwise?

What I actually wanted to say is that the other day I came across a blog that Id seen for the first time, only. I highly suggest you all take a look (if you havent already) at Sex and Dubai. I highly doubt youll find redundancy in this blog. And if you don’t leave there laughing, either youre a prude, or seriously… there is something wrong with you.

I read one entry and was almost falling off my goddamn chair. These chicks are hilarious. It takes talent to take a realistic, trashy topic and spell it out with comedic ease.

Sex and Dubai, you have my admiration.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ready or Not…

So the photos are too big and screw up the page & font. Live with it. Soon they’ll be in the archives and you won’t have to see them. I’ve updated the blogrolls, added a few blogs, removed a few that are inactive. If I’ve deleted yours let me know. I’m lazy, so they’re in no order just now. If you don’t like it… well, it sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

Guess who’s back? Back again. Tainted’s back. Tell some Friends!

~*I love Eminem.

I read something today that made me snap. The depressed, sorry excuse for a woman that took over my blog for a while has been shot. She’s slumped over, bleeding in the corner of room just now and I doubt she’ll be getting up any time soon.

Know what that means?

I’m about ready to talk my trash again. So… New readers who haven’t looked at my original posts be warned… My blog will get ugly. If you’re sensitive to language, graphic images & metaphors, I highly suggest you find another place to waste your time. There. I’ve done it. You’ve been warned. I don’t want any shit about I’ve changed so horribly in the future.

Thoughts I always have and always will believe in (just to remind you)…

  • Most people are simply stupid. Yes, I mean you.

  • UAE expats suck in general, because either they’re bitching about something they can’t change; something they don’t have any better at home, or they’re talking shit about someone else.

  • I can’t stand anonymous commentators, especially when they’ve got something shitty to say. It’s simple really, if you want to talk shit to me… put your spine in it. Chances are, there’s nothing new you can say anyway.

  • And … No… I don’t owe her an apology.

  • And compliments of Irene (you all remember Irene, dontcha?), Click here for a giggle.

    Feline, get the fuck off my throne and hand me my crown back.

    And... uhhh... No. I'm not happy with this skin.. SO it's changing like every five minutes. You'll have to be patient until I decide what I want.

    Happy Eid All

    Image Hosted by

    And… I think it’s Diwali too. So, happy holiday season all.

    Saturday, October 21, 2006

    Green so Serene!

    I’m feeling a bit better today… So I finally got off my ass and downloaded a few more of those Canada photos.

    This boys & girls, is where my parents house is going to be built:

    Image Hosted by

    (Nice back yard, you think? Wait till you see my grandparents!!!) Anyway, you can see the start of the massive hole that’s been dug on their land – what you can’t see is it’s about 20 feet deep and a real scary looking fall.. It’s been like that for months. The building industry in Canada is booming and no one shows up to complete the jobs they start even after you’ve paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars. They were quick to tear down my parent’s old house, but taking their sweet assed time with building the new one. In the meantime, my parents live in a trailer. (It’s not fun to shower in less than 20 minutes – especially with hair as long as mine.)

    One of the first things I did when I got there was go for a walk though town and to the sea. I’ve got to say, it was great to be greeted by complete strangers asking me how I was and wishing me a good day – something that never happens here in Dubai.

    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    While walking I made a couple of friends. The Frenchie (from Quebec) who was crab fishing:

    Image Hosted by

    The Seagull, sunbathing:

    Image Hosted by

    And the Blue Herring that flew away before I could get a close up shot of him:

    Image Hosted by

    Come to think of it… I made some animal friends back at home too. There’s the multiple birds that come to eat off my mother’s feeder every morning:
    Image Hosted by

    There’s Sparrow’s and Robins & Blue Jays, and even Peacocks that make their way into the yard occasionally, but I couldn’t get a photo of them as they’re skittish. And of course, there’s Diablo, my mother’s female cat who was thought to be male when little, who likes to hunt all the birdies:

    Image Hosted by

    I’m almost done with the photos now. But I promised at the top some photos of my grandparents back yard. Here they are (I was standing on the Sundeck when I took these):

    Image Hosted by

    Now, you see the patch of land across the water? That also belongs to my grandparents, but Canadian laws say they can’t section it off and build another house there – perhaps to rent out or whatever. Ridiculous isn’t it? Here’s a second look:

    Image Hosted by

    Yeah, you can put money on the fact that the nature is the one thing I miss most about back home. Hell, if you were from there, you would say the same.

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Mama always told me…

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    Most of the time, I ignore these words of wisdom. But it seems that it’s taking a few of you a while to catch on and understand that these days I’m really, really trying.

    Bottom line: I am NOT feeling well. No, not as in sick, or ill. I’m mentally retarded just now and I honestly have little nice to say about much. So I’m keeping my mouth shut as best I can. Maybe it’s respect for this month. Maybe it’s respect for myself. Maybe I’m just too fucking tired to bother with you all. I have no idea. But I do know I can’t be bothered.

    Some of you just don’t seem to get it. I have no interest in your blogging debates. I have no interest in your whispered words; especially when you’re attempting to use my blog to spread malicious rumors. I have no interest in who’s fucking who or who’s done what. I don’t give a shit what you have to say if it’s along these lines.

    I hardly even log in here anymore. I rarely have anything to say. Though there have been a few serious things on my mind when it comes to this place. An idea of what? Perhaps I owe MD an apology? Perhaps a few people around here owe me one? Perhaps, some things will never change and that shouldn’t bother me so much? Perhaps, I should just stay silent a little longer, until I pull myself together a little better?

    I screamed at a few people today. I screamed my little heart out; not about them or something they did but about other stuff, that’s completely irrelevant to them. I ignored a really, really, really good friends email because my eyes grew tired while reading it; despite the fact that I really wanted to know what was happening on her end. I ignored a short email the other day because when I hit the reply button, my mind went blank and not a word was to be found.

    And you still can’t let up.

    I don’t expect you to get it; none of you. But I’m not myself and I don’t want to deal with this shit any longer. B asked me today if I was ever going to get back to the old me. I don’t know. I don’t even know who the fuck I am right now. Maybe this is just a part of the ‘always changing and always staying the same’ motto that I seem to live by. Who cares? Not me. All I care about right now is getting over whatever the hell it is I’m thinking and feeling. Maybe then, I’ll give a shit about you.

    Thank YOU BALUSHI. For posting something that temporarily took my mind off things. And People!!! YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO VOTE UNTIL MOST NOMINEES HAVE MADE A STATEMENT!


    Your Votes!

    Mister Blog 2006 Competetion!!!

    Ok Ladies and GentelMan,

    The Time has come for the Event of the Year, Mister Blog 2006 Award.

    In this Competetion, Men and Boyl Bloggers will Tell about themselves, Their Beautifulness. Each Competator MUST DESCRIBE their Outlook and EXPLAIN why should she be Voted as the Mister Blog 2006 Award.

    Even to increases their Chances of winning they can even Include The Shape of their Body!

    Ofcourse 1 vote for a Boy makes 2 vote for a Men.

    Eg: If Falapeno gets 1 vote, it will automatically be counted as 2 against AD Events.

    Here are the Nominations:

    -AD Events
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    The Competetion is begining from Today; So go on Gentlemen and boys! Mention Us your Beauty and Tell Us How beautifull You Are To Get Our Votes.


    get fucked

    Miss Blog 2006 Competetion!!!

    Ok Ladies and GentelMan,

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    Ofcourse 1 vote for a Girl makes 2 vote for a Women.

    Eg: If NZM gets 1 vote, it will automatically be counted as 2 against Fatima.

    Here are the Nominations:

    -Tainted Female
    -MD Funky ass randomness
    -Sex and Dubai
    -Trailing Spouse
    -Secret Dubai
    -NZM M AND J Adventures
    -Jane with a Y
    -Dubaien Chick
    -Fatima - Ausravings
    -Falapeno :D

    * If anyother women or Girl wants to get Nominated Please let me Know.

    The Competetion is begining from Today; So go on Ladies and girls! Mention Us your Beauty and Tell Us How beautifull You Are To Get Our Votes.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    I never gave you that number…

    It's not listed under my name.

    Everyone I gave that number to was told NEVER to give it out.

    And you and I know only one common person that has it.

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Balushi!!! Job Opening Soon!

    If he’s impeached, why don’t you run for President?

    Image Hosted by

    Al Jazeera

    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Employment Ads in the UAE

    It’s about time I get off my ass and start looking for new work. I’ve worked in the UAE for more than 7 years now, in different positions and different ‘classes’ of companies. I enjoy working, and no matter what I’m doing, I’m pretty damn good at it and have multiple references that will state just the same. But when it comes to the UAE… there’s an issue. I’m sick of it; absolutely fed up of working for one shit company after another. I swear, every time I look at the opportunities in this market, I want to vomit. Here are a few examples of why (from

    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    Does anyone else see sheer racism in these ads? Am I insane to think that this type of ads wouldn’t be permitted in any other country, let alone the ability to openly admit you’re only interested in hiring certain nationalities? Can any one else see that these permitted standards of professionalism only help increase the racial divide that is already disgustingly disturbing in the UAE?

    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    Even with a salary of 10,000 Dhs a month, it’s almost impossible to live comfortably in Dubai (or even Sharjah or Ajman). Increasing rents, car payments, and even the cost of groceries are at an all-time high in the UAE. I’m not talking about luxurious living, either. My last position, I was taking around 10K, and I’ll tell you, by the end of the month I was broke – every month. And I didn’t have time to waste money. I was busy driving to my office in Abu Dhabi from my house in Ajman (because I couldn’t afford to stay closer). And do any of you readers know just how demanding the position “Executive Secretary” actually is? Do the people offering these positions have any idea? Do they realize that a secretary is essentially the backbone of any company? I may sound a little hypocritical here, because in my last position I was responsible for hiring a secretary and we didn’t offer a much better salary, but this wasn’t my choice nor did I have the power to change it.

    The classifies and even appointments in the UAE are riddled with ads like this. If by chance, they don’t fall into these categories, they are based pretty obviously on sex-appeal over qualifications:

    Image Hosted by

    Or they’re full of suspicious contact details; mobile phone numbers instead of office ones, or free email addresses instead of company ones. Spam email is not an excuse to lower your company image this way.

    Before I close, here’s one ad that tops the cake!!!

    Image Hosted by

    It’s not only sexist, but offering the shittiest possible salary, and check out those contact details! I know office-boys that get paid more than that, for making tea and coffee!

    Personally, I wouldn’t even apply to these positions. Their ads alone are horrible display of discrimination (let me not even start on the sexism), and sheer unprofessional policies. I can’t imagine working for another shit company in the UAE and the truth is, 95% of the ads I read here, give me the first impression that this is exactly what they are. If you would apply to these positions, I've got to say... Either your standards/qualifications are far too low, or you must be pretty desperate for work.

    (Perhaps that's the reason why there's such horrorific work ethics throughout the UAE, in general?)

    Now that I’m feeling a little better…

    Today is a brighter day. My head’s not as stuffed and my nose is almost swell-free. My ears aren’t killing me and I think I’m getting there. Unfortunately, I believe I’ve given my germs to the boy as he started sniffling last night.

    Anyway, now that I’m feeling a little better, I thought I’d share a few pictures I took with my mobile while I was there. I haven’t bothered to upload the ones from my camera, cause to be honest, I didn’t have the right charger (or adapter for the charger) and there aren’t many on there.

    But here’s one of the things I love most about Canada.

    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    Image Hosted by

    …the absolutely beautiful outdoors.

    I took these while on the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island. I swear, there is no place on the planet that’s as beautiful as British Columbia, Canada. At least not a place as beautiful that I’ve seen, nor that my parents have seen, who are pretty much world travelers by now.

    It’s funny how you don’t realize how much you’re missing until it’s really gone. Since my trip, there’s a lot I want to share and a lot I’ve been thinking about but I simply don’t have the energy or will to bother just yet. What’s the point, when you know few are listening and fewer care?

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Balushi's Guide to Finding a Girl!

    Balushi's Guide

    For all men!

    What will You Do???

    Ok Folks!!!

    This is just a question to all you Ladies. What will you do If a good-looking guy comes upto you in a supermarket, coffee shop, Lime Tree, More cafes, an home party, or a nightclub and says:

    Do You Like to have sex with Me?

    What will you Ladies say?

    Stupid or Something?

    Now… I will share some more secrets. But first… What’s wrong with this person’s reply? Can you spot it?

    Image Hosted by

    Read the first sentence in its entirety (automatically generated replica of my comment in an auction at Now read the response. Am I the twit who can’t read, or is this some dumb twat who thinks they’re pulling the wool over my eyes?

    Funny how all of this persons’ fake designer bags, with prices starting at 300Dhs have vanished from the site.

    Ok… Now on to the secrets:

    Secret #1: I’m somewhat a compulsive shopper and my shopping sprees have spread to wholesale. Way back I had a naval piercing, and realized it was almost impossible to find body piercing jewelry here in the UAE. When I did find it, it was priced outrageously. Anyone looking for body jewerly can tell you this. Actually, when I had the stud in my labret, people would actually walk up to me and ask where I got the jewerly. Recently, I purchased a whole lot of beautiful sterling silver & stainless steel naval rings and I’m reselling them individually, at fantastic prices at


    Here are some examples of what I’ve got and how much I’m starting my bids at:

    Image Hosted by

    Starting Bid: AED 55


    Image Hosted by

    Starting Bid: AED 45

    Image Hosted by

    Starting Bid: AED 40

    Image Hosted by

    Starting Bid: AED 45


    Secret #2: Most of my readers here already know I paint (some of which are also being auctioned at But do you know what other creative stuff I can and do, do? Take a look:

    Image Hosted by

    Starting Bid: MORE expensive. Because it was made by the one and only I and I’ve got family already selling it for more back home!


    Image Hosted by

    Starting Bid: Same as above! (To be honest with you… I just want to see how these will sell here, because I’m almost positive they will not. They’re not UAE style, are they? There’s no Givenchi or Tiffany tag on ‘em!)


    3rd Secret: You already know by now. I’m attempting to auction tons of stuff at, new & used. And I bought a Disney DVD from there too! I love the place and think more people should be taking part. I bet lots of you closet compulsive shoppers – and sellers would love it too!

    Yes… I am advertising my auctions with this entry. Why not?

    **Note, I will not entertain your requests to purchase these items here. If you’re interested, click on the links showing the bid amounts to view the auctions.

    For a list of everything I’m selling and for how much, please take a look here.

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Pssst… Shut Up Already

    Did you hear?

    He’s having an affair with what’s-her-name?!

    She’s a prostitute.

    He was caught with his secretary in an undignified position!

    She’s planning on skipping country with his kids!

    He bought her gold with money he took from his mother.

    She had an abortion.

    Don’t you know?

    He beat the shit out of her a while back!

    She’s popping pills like there’s no tomorrow.

    He’s got a serious drinking problem!

    She had sex with him before they were married.

    He’s got an offshore account he keeps secret from her!

    She only married him because she fell pregnant.

    He only married her because her daddy’s rich!

    She only married him for the passport.

    Know what the 1st problem with all these stories is? You’ve no way to verify whether your source, or your source’s source is reliable, telling the truth or has all the facts.

    The second problem, you ask? None of these things are any of your business regardless of who it’s about, unless it’s the accused s/he telling you themselves. And if that’s the case, you’d be a right prick to share the intimate details someone who trusted and confided in you with others.

    The third problem? Whether you like it or not, true or false, someone’s probably saying one or more of these things about you. It doesn’t have to get back to you for that fact to be true either. Hell, I’ve been the core ‘she’ in a few of these accusations myself. I’ve been accused of being a drug-addict, a pill popper, a prostitute, having an abortion, and marrying because I was pregnant, not to mention for the sake of having UAE nationality. I’ve been accused of being an alcoholic, anorexic, a thief, and much, much more. Only a few of these accusations are (or ever were) true.

    As per the current girlie (and even boyish) mutterings concerning myself and other things should, or should they not be true, the bottom line is, you’ve got nothing to base your beliefs on – but feel free to believe each and every thing you hear through the grapevine. I guarantee you, whatever poison is being spat in my direction with hopes it never reaches my ears… I’ve had much worse said about me before and chances are, so have you.

    And I... I have better things to do than worry about you and what you think.

    Super Trivia!

    What’s this?

    Image Hosted by

    It’s a chicken!

    I almost burnt my house down this evening. The way I see it, I’ve got a number of things I could blame it on. Here’s my list:

    1) Sleep deprivation. Those are long assed flights and I’m not sure I made it half asleep through the most of them. At least this time I had less than an hour wait at Heathrow. And I have to say, I agree with an entry I read some months back by some other blogger, Heathrow airport is the worst on the planet. I can understand the increased security but what I can’t understand is the sheer rudeness of the employees there. We’re NOT all terrorists waiting to blow you up! Some of us just want to go home! Nor can I stand some security bitch talking with another security bitch about which confiscated items she’s taking home, in front of other passengers they’re taking more crap from.

    2) Viral Infection. My three year old twin, niece and nephew were suffering something awful when I reached my sisters house. It was a great joke that I’d probably be taking this cold home with me while I was there but what are the chances really that I’d get off the plane pretty much fine, and go to sleep only to wake up with all the symptoms? It’s nothing compared to what I was suffering prior to my trip and I’ll get over it real soon I’m sure. But at the moment, it feels like every orifice in my head is leaking or wants to explode. (I had chronic ear infections a few years back and for the first time since, I have another one and I literally think the right side of my head will explode if I don’t chew on Brufen every couple of hours.)

    3) Brain disconbobulation. I’m not even sure that I actually got home yet. But back to the burning down the house, I would have thought number 1 was the lowest temperature setting on the damn thing… Turns out on my mama’s stove, number 1 is in fact the highest and number 5 is the lowest. I suppose that’ll teach me to put something in the oven, thinking I know what I’m doing and it’ll be fine while I take a twenty-minute (that turns into forty-minute) nap.

    I woke up and the amount of smoke in the house had me certain that I’d burned at least the kitchen part down. I suppose I should be thanking God it was only the chicken, but instead I cried because I’d ruined dinner. I had the boy coming to break his fast with me.

    With forty minutes until iftar (that’s the time that Muslims break their fast during this month, for those who don’t know), and a guest on their way, I still managed to defrost more meat, marinate it, and cook something up that was edible and actually enjoyable. Granted, we had to eat in a house half-filled with smoke because it just wouldn’t escape through every open door and window – like it enjoyed taunting and teasing me.

    Nonetheless, sick, jetlagged, and over-discombobulated I still saved the day. Know what that says to me? It says I’m Superwoman! Would you like to argue that?

    ***So you all know, Balushi has accepted my invitation and I’ve told him he’s welcome to post here anytime. Hopefully, he’ll keep you all entertained while I’m not. Just do me a small favor and note who’s writing what in here from now on. I love Balushi, but God forbid you all think I’m posting his words or vice-versa!

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    Since Balushi’s been blocked…

    I’ve invited him to join me in my blog. Do you think he’ll accept my invitation?

    And yes... I AM considering this my 'worth reading' post, I mentioned earlier.

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Tainted Lady = RetardEd Bitch

    I’m home, healthy & exhausted… But the comments in the post before last made me smile. Some things will never change. Many of which, I wouldn’t want to.

    I’ll attempt to post something worth reading once I’ve had some sleep.

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Oh and...

    Today is my sons 4th Birthday. Wish him well please.

    The First Step Home…

    I’m about to take the first step in my travels towards home – the UAE (because that is my home now). But there’s something I’ve been pondering…

    What is it about skin that makes it so attractive, so wanted, so enticing… until you’ve had it? And why is it, that once you’ve had it, the allure dies? I don’t believe there’s another matter out there that’s even similar in reaction.

    Rich chocolate is wanted bite after bite, any coffee addict or smoker will tell you that it’s a specific flavor, a certain brand they want. Why is it that social intercourse, mental intercourse and emotional intercourse all follow the same patterns, but when it comes to physical intercourse, it’s a fleeting desire?

    Balushi, I’m SURE you can help me understand this one.